Innovative, strategic, and operational CFO scaling privately held enterprise SaaS software and consumer product service companies. Launched a >$250M retail division with 50 employees in 12 states for a Fortune 50 organization. Reorganized a company with a net operating loss and ultimately achieved profitability with a 5x increase in revenue in less than four years. Oversaw rapid organic growth in both public and private companies. Partnered on executive teams and presented financials to BOD, stakeholders, and investors. Initiated multiple joint ventures that succeeded to increase in value, oversaw M&A sell side deals, and completed smooth integrations. Lead negotiator on contracts and legal agreements and implemented systems, policies, processes, and procedures. Forged relationships with clients, partners, associates, vendors, and third parties and built consensus across multiple organizational levels. Hired, mentored, and developed cross functional teams minimizing ramp time to ensure goals and objectives were achieved or exceeded. 

April 1998 - January 2004

I'm well-versed in accounting, financial modeling, forecasting and reporting.

I have experience as  a serial entrepreneur starting companies and working with younger companies to build the organization.

Professional Experience

March 2016 - Present

Team Building

Professional Skills

Devine Products, Inc.
VP Finance
First employee recruited to launch a new-to-the-world, IP-protected premium consumer product with game-changing potential into the US wine accessory market. Devine is wholly owned by The Linde Group, the largest gases and engineering company worldwide with revenues exceeding 17bn Euros and over 65,000 employees in more than 100 countries. It is the first real consumer- oriented business in the Linde family of companies, and is planned to be the starting point for further new ventures by Linde in the US and other worldwide markets.
Integrate additional Executives when hired into ongoing projects and processes
-Managing project deliverables from service providers and manufacturers to execute launch of product to consumer
-Performed qualitative and quantitative analysis to forecast projections, preparing budgets, implementing accounting, financial, and operational procedures to ensure revenue projections are attainable
-Developed pricing models and go to market strategies with VP S&M to launch product direct to consumer via web and retail channel
-Supporting the VP S&M in working with marketing agency on budgets for brand development, lead generation, social media, early influencers and promotional events to maximize sales and minimize customer acquisition costs
-Implementing Netsuite as the ERP platform for accounting, fulfillment and inventory management in accordance with GAAP
-Negotiating MSA and liaising with 3PL to deliver an automated and fully integrated supply chain process
-Negotiating pricing plans and integration processes with credit card processors and gateways
-Managing integration of ERP into Bellin’s tm5 platform as a treasury management system for global reporting and multilateral netting and invoice reconciliation
-Change management of migration from intercompany accounting during development to stand alone subsidiary with proper accounting processes and procedures
-Collaborating with 3PL, consultants and marketing team to provide the Customer Care with the necessary resources to provide streamlined and integrated customer support via web, phone and chat before, during and after purchase including FAQ, Warranty and RMA process
-Providing feedback on the design of the UX and UI for the NetSuite Ecommerce site along with managing the integration into the ERP backend for fulfillment
-Reviewed package design for functionality, shelf impact and compliance to all governing authorities and liability insurance requirements
-Collaborating on manufacturer’s MSAs regarding pricing, production volumes and timelines, pricing and KPI’s to measure performance
-Established and managed early start-up operational procedures such as email, phone system, office space, credit building, D&B and UPC registration
-R&D…aka tasting wines

Certefi. Inc. dba Readytouch
CFO and VP Operations
Privately held software and hardware company specializing in touch screen, mobile devices, and self-service Point of Sale (POS) solutions; achieved profitability through revenue growth, increased margins, and controlled expenses.

-Partnered with the executive team to achieve revenue profitability in less than four years; resulted in an exclusive agreement by 365 Retail Markets
-Designed financial models, performed qualitative and quantitative analysis to forecast projections, prepared budgets, implemented accounting, financial, and operational procedures; ensured revenue projections were attainable and the financials were in compliance 
-Provided financial planning and analysis of budgets as well as financial reports and trends to stakeholders; achieved revenue and expense goals which resulted in organic positive cash-flow 
-Developed pricing models and implemented pricing strategies for SaaS; scaled the solution with new and existing customers which increased overall revenue 
-Key negotiator on all customer, vendor, and partnership agreements; created stability of the revenue stream, minimized operational costs, and increased margins on cost of goods sold
-Performed accounting functions which included: accounts payable, accounts receivable, posting adjusting journal entries, and bank reconciliation; ensured Balance Sheet and P&L were in compliance with GAAP​

​Entrepeneur in Self-Service Solutions

President and CFO

Chase Manhattan Mortgage

Regional VP

I've built technology and sales teams producing high-quality deliverables under aggressive deadlines.

Tech Startups


June 2011 - January 2016
June 2003 - June 2011

Senior-Level Finance Executive & Operations Leader
  Visionary ♦ Change Management ♦ Tech Innovator


Jon D. Holland


Jon Holland has been launching new divisions and revolutionizing products for more than 20 years.  Jon spent the first half of his career building teams, developing business, and managing multi-million dollar divisions at Wells Fargo.  Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation recognized his accomplishments and recruited him to launch their new division, which he ultimately grew to over $250M in annual sales in 12 states with 50+ employees.

While on vacation in Napa, California, Jon had the opportunity to tour and consume ‘97 Napa cabs, he quickly became a wine enthusiast. With his new found passion, he seized the opportunity to apply his entrepreneurial skills and left the corporate grind behind.  Jon started his own company that leveraged his passion for wine with the future vision of self-service technology.  His technology provided tasting notes and reviews on in-store kiosk’s and a mobile app, which enabled consumers the ability to find their perfect wine at the point of purchase. The technology platform he created expanded the wine coinsurer’s experience to include recipes and cheeses that paired impeccably with their wine selections.

After fun and fulfilled years of R&D, which included drinking wine and enjoying epicurean delights, Jon’s company merged with a Silicon Valley based software organization and he relocated to the Bay Area.  The company received an exclusive opportunity to pivot and create a nonconventional solution in the vending industry and they ultimately initiated a new category known as self-service micro-markets. The technology had rapid success and scaled to more than 3,000 locations over the next five years, this allowed Jon the ability to take time off and pursue his next venture.

Timing is everything! As soon as he started to look for his next opportunity, he was approached by Velv and became their first employee.  He is passionate about the company’s product and vision and is once again able to do what he is known for best, starting-up a non-conforming company while enjoying R&D by the glass.